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Monthly Selections - February

The Lunar New Year is coming! As you all know that black tea is called 'red tea' in Chinese language because of its color of the liquor and red is always a happy color in Chinese culture. We picked all our best-selling and unique black teas which represent different area's specialties to celebrate - Chinese Red.

We also want to introduce you our new Premium Size for our monthly selections. For $20.99 you will get everything double!

Regular $11.99: Wild Lapsang Souchong 15g, Golden Monkey 15g, Premium Yunnan Dian Hong 20g, and an extra sample of your choice. Total value up to $16.00.

Premium $20.99: Wild Lapsang Souchong 30g, Golden Monkey 30g, Premium Yunnan Dian Hong 40g, and two extra samples of your choice. Total value up to $28.50.

Free shipping to everywhere in the US.

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