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The Classic of Tea Cha Jing Lu Yu | Dazzle Deer Premium Chinese Tea & Accessories


If you are interested in Chinese tea and tea culture, you must know about this book. The Classic of Tea is the very first monograph on tea in the world. It may seem out of date for the modern tea industry but it gives us the origin and the early development of tea in Chinese history.

This book is printed on traditional 宣纸 (Xuan Paper, mostly use for calligraphy now), and printed in a traditional style (characters are reading from the top to the bottom, pages are turned from the left to the right). 

This version also listed another three important monographs which are related to the tea culture in Chinese history. They are 《香谱》(Incense Guide), 《煎茶水记》(Record on Water of Brewing Tea), 《茶录》(The Record of Tea). 

This book is a perfect collection for the tea lover. 

The Classic of Tea, Cha Jing, by Lu Yu

    • Size: 5.7" x 8.25" x 0.5"
    • Printed in China
    • Please note: Unlike other antique books with uncut pages, traditional Chinese books are printed on the single page only, so the uncut pages are supposed to remain uncut.


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