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Louts Porcelain Teacup | Dazzle Deer | Authentic Gourmet Chinese Loose Leaf Tea & Gongfu Teaware

Hand-painted Qing Hua tea cup.

This tea cup design is called 斗笠杯 (Dou Li Bei) in Chinese, literally means bamboo hat cup. Dou Li is a traditional Chinese hat shaped conically, it is also commonly seen in Vietnam, Cambodia and other South-East Asian countries. This handmade and hand-painted tea cup uses blue and white underglaze. The pure white base color is easier for you to enjoy the liquor color. 

Tea Cup, Qinghua Lotus

$6.80 Regular Price
$5.44Sale Price
    • Size
      Mouth Diameter Height Base Diameter
      3.25" 1.25"



    • Volume: 2 fl.oz/60 ml

    • Handmade

    • Material: Porcelain

    • Glaze: Blue & White Underglaze

    • Origin: Dehua, Fujian Province, China

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