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普洱生茶 · 少年游

This Sheng Puerh dragon ball is from the same tea garden which produces our Puerh Cake Gu Hua Xiang. Jinggu's Puerhs are mostly gentle, smooth, and comfortable, which is favored by many people. Harvested in 2017 Fall, unlike other newly made puerh, this dragon ball doesn't have any astrigency or grassy taste. With a strong apricot/plum aroma, the tea is very mellow and sweet. Great for everyday drinking.

The tea leaves come from trees aged between 50 - 100 years, each node consisting of one bud and one young leaf.

Purely handmade, each dragon ball is about 7g - 9g. It's very convient to keep this as an office tea or to bring it on a trip. Since the tea leaves are relatively young compared to other Sheng Puerh we carry, we recommend to keep the water temperature around 194°F/90℃ to avoid breaking the young buds. For a 100ml - 150ml gaiwan or teapot, a dragon ball can be brewed for 10 - 12 steeps.


Ci (Poetry): Shao Nian You

Author: Ann


少年游 · 秋别离 Shao Nian You · Fall Departure



Flowers falling in silence, fall is finally here, cloud and mist create a fairyland.


Tea trees are sprouting, not in the other places, but only deep in the valley.



Pick the leaves and roast the teas all around the green mountain - no time to wait for the rain to subside.


When the sunny fall day comes, prepare the luggage, and leave alone.

Sheng Puerh, Shao Nian You, 2017 Fall

    • 1 pc is about 7g - 9g, purely handmade
    • Type: Sheng Puerh
    • Harvest Time: September 2017
    • Origin: Bolin Village, Jinggu, Pu Er, Yun NanProvince, China
    • Tea Garden Elevation: 5,570 ft - 7,874 ft (1,700 m - 2,400 m)
    • Breed: Yun Nan large-leaf tea
    • Flavor: Fruity, sweet, mellow
    • Packaging: cotton paper
    • Shelf Life: Quality can be enhanced by aging
    • Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to light.
    • Preferred in the Chinese Gongfu way
    • Porcelain Gaiwan or Yixing clay teapot
    • 1 pc
    • 194℉ / 90℃
    • Steep time: Rinse/60s/35s/35s/45s/50s/55s/65s/75s/90s/110s/130s/170s
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