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This is our first selected Taiwan Oolong Tea which is from Dong Ding Mountain of Nan Tou, Taiwan. Different from Tie Guan Yin which only pick tea leaves, Taiwan Oolong usually keep the long stems of the leaves and roll into a bigger ball. From the appearance, Taiwan Oolong feels bigger, heavier and more solid. Growed in the elvation of 2300 ft (700 m), this oolong tea is delightful and comfortable. The liquor is in a bright yellow color and tastes thick and smooth. With a strong orchid aroma, this tea will give you a sweet aftertaste. 

Oolong, Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong

    • Type: Oolong
    • Harvest Time: May 2023
    • Origin: Dongding Mt, Nan Tou, Taiwan
    • Flavor: Flowery, mellow, sweet
    • Resealable kraft paper pouch with foil liner
    • Shelf Life: 2 years
    • Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Avoid being exposed to light.
    • Preferred in the Chinese Gongfu way
    • Porcelain gaiwan
    • 7 grams
    • 212℉ / 100℃
    • Steep time: Rinse/25s/35s/45s/60s/80s/100s
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