Tea Strainer, Moonlight

As one of the pieces in our Moonlight teaware line, this tea strainer can bring your Gongfu tea experience to perfection. With a piece of mesh fabric attached to it, this tea strainer filters every tiny piece of broken leaves from your tea. Unlike metal, which can develop rust, or bamboo, which can develop mold, this overglazed porcelain is guaranteed to maintain the pure taste of your tea. 

This strainer has a wide opening and a small bottom, which can easily fit most pitchers in the market. The base holder is designed in a bamboo shape - beautiful and stable. A hole in the base of the holder allows any excess water to drain into the tea tray.

Match this tea strainer with our Moonlight Gaiwan, Pitcher, and Tea Cups.

Tea Strainer, Moonlight

    • Size
      Mouth Diameter Height Base Diameter
      3.5" 2.3"



    • Handmade

    • Material: Porcelain

    • Origin: Dehua, Fujian Province, China

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