Puerh Map T-shirt

The idea first came up when I was reading about the Puerh producing areas, which are very confusing for most people who just started to drink Puerh. To be honest, I didn't have a complete knowledge about all the areas until I started to draw this map. I tried my best to trace the map as accurate as I can and I pinned the locations on Google map to make sure they are in the right place. Although you won't be able to use this map to make a trip in Yunnan, it does its job when you try to locate your new cake. I understand that some of you cannot read Chinese, but I think keeping this in Chinese makes it less 'tourist', and I promise I didn't put any silly characters on it to embarrass you in front of your Chinese friends.


Puerh Map T-shirt

    • 100% Cotton

    • Made in Haiti

    • Printed in US/Latvia

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