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This tea uses the leaves of Yunnan Large-leaf Tea Trees. It was developed only recently and has already started to become quite popular. The name ‘Gu Shu’ here refers to a particular type of tea, not to be confused with the prized ancient 'Gu Shu' trees used to make some Puerhs, with which it shares the name. It is a black tea similar to Yun Nan Dian Hong, but produced using a sun-drying, rather than a baking process (Shai Hong literally means 'sun-dried black tea'). It is also different from Yun Nan Dian Hong in that Yun Nan Dian Hong is mostly made from Feng Qing Large-leaf tea trees in Feng Qing, Yunnan, whereas this tea is made from Yunnan Large-leaf Tea Trees that not specifically sub-categorized.


This sun-dried tea may have some advantages over traditional Yun Nan Dian Hong. 

Traditional Yun Nan Dian Hong uses a machine process to maintain a certain high baking temperature for the aroma formation, which brings out a strong fragrance and flavor, but makes it more difficult to maintain freshness. On the other hand, this sun-dried tea is capable of a much longer shelf-life - at least 5 to 6 years. The dry tea looks and smells like Puerh and can even be enchanced by aging, just like Puerh.

Our Gu Shu Shai Hong is from Jinggu, Pu'er, Yunnan. It was harvested from approximately 100-year-old trees in the Spring of 2018. After having been aged for over a year, the grassy smell of the newly fremented tea is completely gone. The dry tea has a strong apricot/plum smell - sweet and sour. The liquor is in a bright red color. Because of its light frementation level, the first two steeps have a hint of Moonlight White Tea. The black tea aroma starts to develop after the third steep with a buttery taste. Overall, this tea's taste profile can be thought of as a combination of Yunnan black tea and Yunnan white tea. A proper storage for aging will definitely bring out more flavor over the years.

5 grams of dry tea can be brewed for 10 steeps using the Gongfu method.

Black Tea, Gu Shu Shai Hong

    • Type: Black Tea
    • Harvest Time: April 2018
    • Origin: Jinggu, Pu'er, Yunnan Province, China
    • Flavor: Full, rich, buttery
    • Resealable kraft paper pouch with foil liner
    • Shelf Life: 5 years
    • Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to light.
    • Preferred in the Chinese Gongfu way
    • Porcelain gaiwan
    • 5 grams
    • 212℉ / 100℃
    • Steep time: Rinse/25s/30s/35s/40s/50s/60s/75s/95s/120s/150s
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